» R&D Facility

R&D facility is designed to develop small scale processes for products derived from microbial sources or animal cells. The laboratory has separate suits for Microbiology, Fermentation and primer recovery, protein purification, physicochemical analysis, Buffer preparation /utilities and cell culture/ Bioassay.

The research facility has an area of 2500 sq. ft. facility conforms to Bio Safety Level-1 (DBT, India ) and to NIH Bio Safety Level-1 standards.

Major Equipments

  • Biostat C + Fermentor Sartorius
  • High pressure homogenizer for cell breakage from Nero Sauvi
  • High speed Continuous/batch centrifuge (Contifuge) from Thermo Scientific
  • Acta Explorer Chromatographic System from Amersham
  • Walk in cold room, Microplate reader (UV and Fluorescence, chemiluminiscence)
  • Electrophoresis apparatus, gel documentation system
  • -80cC Refrigerator for Microbial Cell Banks
  • HPLC System-Shimatzu
» Products Under development
1. Therapeutic products for Asthma

Fcε-Apo Chimeric Proteins are being developed to treat Asthma and allergic diseases. The mechanism of this product is based on targeted apoptosis of mast cells which are the main cellular mediators of asthma and allegic diseases. The Chimeric protein consists mast cell targeting protein Fcε and an apoptotic protein which causes apoptosis of the mast cells. The products based on this concept are being screened to select a product for development.

2. Products for research and diagnosis  of allergy
  • Purified human IgE antigen
  • Immunoturbidimetric Kit for total IgE
  • Elisa Kit for total IgE
  • Cultured human mast cells and basophils
  • Peripheral blood mononuclear cells.
  • Polyclonal Anti IgE
  • Monoclonal Anti IgE